Badain Jaran - Gobi Desert

This morning we climbed a Toyota Land Cruiser and drove off into the desert. It was dark as we were aiming to see the sunrise in the dunes. The convoy was composed of 6 cars, we were in the last one. We had a young, excellent driver and the car was very comfortable. With video clips of Mongolian and Chinese music (Lady Gaga too 😀), we sailed over the dunes, up and down, steep slopes, turning curves with views on sand, lakes and clouds. The adventure lasted for eight hours, stops and picknick included. We had time to watch and see, enjoy and let the thoughts fly. An absolute highlight! There were herds of camels, “ships of the desert”, goats, sheep, cows and donkeys. We saw birds and insects, a Tibetan monastery and tents.

The sky was cloudy and the temperature nice. It even rained a few drops, which is extremely rare. Sometimes there was strong wind and it was better to cover the face. 

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