Huatugou - Dunhuang

After a poor breakfast with a cookie and tea from Chang, a hard boiled egg and cracker for some, we took the road to Dunhang. We drove through oil fields and saw the lake and high mountains up to 6000m at the horizon. The scenery got more and more beautiful and we saw the Altun Shan (5798 m) before climbing the Dangling Shankou mountain pass. The undergoing constructions here were just unbelievable and the power-masts the biggest I have ever seen. There were hundreds of heavy trucks creeping up and down the road.

Arriving at Dunhuang was like arriving in paradise. No further checkpoints, nice hotel with local art decorations and a bustling nightlife. We had baozi with vegetables and donkey meat. Both delicious. The tenant took us to a shop where we could buy a bottle of red wine from the Mogao region. Not bad at all!

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