Tashkent -Fergana

In the morning we first had to organise the cars new. Claudia has decided to give our car to Stephan and to have us in position two. So we moved from Samurai 3 to Samurai 1 with André and Gaby. We drove over a mountain pass at the altitude of 2300 m to arrive in the large Fergana Valley. Our hotel has got a wonderful garden and our room has got two floors. A very nice and generous taxi driver helped us in finding a suitcase for all our bits and pieces. He guided us through the Bazaar straight to the bag shop, the bank and the banana stall. Then he offered us two lumps of this beautiful bred and we were back at the hotel in no time. Philippe insisted that he took some money for the ride; he wanted nothing. We were overwhelmed by his kindness and generosity. We had dinner on the garden terrace and watched the football game Switzerland - Sweden.

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    Anne Marie & Bernard (Mittwoch, 04 Juli 2018 20:30)

    Nous vous envions.
    Les frontières là-bas sont compliquées (la faute à Staline). Sans doute êtes-vous déjà dans le Haut Kirgyzstan occidental avec les yourtes, les chevaux de Fergana autrefois convoités par l'ancienne Chine, et la grande hospitalité nomade.
    Nous étions venus de Bishkek car Osh nous était interdit à cause d 'ingénieurs japonais pris en otage (par qui?). Ou même à Kashgar ce soir. Là nous sommes vraiment jaloux. C'est notre port d'attache (pour Bernard) en Asie Centrale. A revenir à vous pendant des heures. Bon séjour.