Yazd - Bidokht

Today we drove 600 km in the heat (above 40 degrees) on a good 2, sometimes 4 lanes road that was built on the former historic Silk Road through the desert. Beautiful colours, changes from mountains to flat land. We saw a lot of ancient caravanserais. They look like a rectangular fortress built around a court yard. There is one big entrance gate. On the ground floor there used to be shops, the bedrooms were upstairs. In the middle of the courtyard there was a fountain. The water arrived through qanats. The camels were „parked“ outside. There used to be one caravanserai every 20/25km, according to the distance camels can walk per day. Halfway we stopped at an ancient madrassa, a religious school where the koran was taught. When we arrived at Bidokht we visited the site Qal-e-Shoqal, where you can see the section of a qanat. 

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