Ürgüp - Elazig

First I want to thank everyone who has been inquiring about my knee. It’s getting much better every day and doesn’t prevent me from driving and visiting the beautiful sites! Today we drove 500 km through Central Anatolia at an altitude of 1100 - 1850 m, a large altiplano widely agricultural with crops, potatoes, apricot and cherry trees and other vegetables, very few cattle. Beautiful flowers on the side of the road blooming in blue, yellow, purple, white, red and orange colours. Around Kayseri we could see the volcano Erciyes Dagi (3917m).

We had lunch at the Demirkaya, a small restaurant along the road at Kürecik where the cook prepared a lovely meal with tomato onion parsley salad, a casserole with lamb/mutton, tomatoes and peppers and bulgur. The local people were extremely friendly and welcoming. They collected plates for us from the neighbors and called a man who spoke German for better communication. 

We drove over a large mountain pass on great four lane roads, had a cup of tea at the Karakaya Dam and crossed the Euphrat. There was a big thunderstorm over the mountains and the Samurai got its shower.

Since it’s Ramadan, there was no wine available at the hotel restaurant. So we went to the Migros in the shopping mall next to the hotel and got a few beers and wine and some snacks. The Apéro in room 210 turned into a dinner party; it was a lot of fun.

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