11 from our group decided to go on a balloon flight. The balloon team picked us up at 3.45h at the hotel. After a small breakfast, we went to our balloon. It was still dark and all around there were balloons getting ready. When there was enough air in the balloon, we climbed into our basket. At 5.00h we took off with captain Mustafa, our pilot. First we drove along the surface and got very close to the rocks and trees. Some of us got a little nervous. Nico (the tall guy) could even fetch a leaf from an apricot tree. There was nothing to worry about, Mustafa was an excellent and experienced pilot. As we climbed, we passed over the fairy chimneys and cave houses and enjoyed the sunrise. 100 balloons were in the air and it looked colourful in the morning light. The tour ended with some excitement. For landing Mustafa had chosen a spot that turned out to be too close to the trees and we had to get up in the air again to go a little further. During that manoeuvre the basket turned to the side with all of us inside. Big laughters and what a unique experience!

Later that day we visited the underground city of Derinkuyu. This visit is nothing for people who tend to feel claustrophobic. Very beautiful was the trail through the Soganli valley. There are some churches dug in the volcanic rocks with frescoes, which are very interesting. It’s not crowded with tourists and there is a peaceful garden restaurant with great food.

Before returning to the hotel, we made a pit-stop at the „Oto Kuaför“ who made our Samurai shine again.

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