Delphi - Thessaloniki

Know thyself - nothing overmuch - be thyself was the inscription at the entrance of the Apollon Temple. With this in mind we climbed the sanctuary where the oracle was consulted about important decisions throughout the ancient world. We travel back 3000 years and find ourselves at the navle of our Western world.

Delphi is nested on the side of the Montparnasse mountain. A broad variety of trees grow here while below there are mainly olive plantations. The winding road led through a beautiful mountain area with holiday houses used for winter sports. We had lunch under the trees on the terrace of a typical local harbour restaurant at Pelasgias Harbour. There was not much traffic on the highway we took afterwards until we came closer to Thessaloniki. Our hotel was a little outside and we had a lovely Greek meal on the beach.

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    Anne Marie & Bernard (Samstag, 09 Juni 2018 11:29)

    Delphi pour toujours. Tessaloniki, la ville où il est impossible de garer sa voiture. Grèce magnifique et diverse.

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    Cleo (Sonntag, 10 Juni 2018 08:45)

    Awesome to see this historical place and what you are doing....!